[Rushtalk] Biden Causes Major Split in Democrat Party

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Sat Aug 17 11:35:41 MDT 2019

We can only hope they do self destuct but if the fascists get Trump to
rool over and sign any kind of gun control its over for the GOP and
peaceful reform.

August 1, 2019

Biden Causes Major Split in Democrat Party

Obama loyalists jumped to the aid of Joe Biden, firing back at Democrat
primary nominees who attacked Joe Biden and by extension Barack Obama.
Fox News reports:

        High-profile Obama administration alumni pointedly
        warned the Democratic presidential candidates to “be wary of
        attacking” the popular two-term president’s record, in the wake
        of Wednesday’s debate where top-tier contenders bashed his
        legacy in a bid to score points against former Vice President
        Joe Biden.
        While all 10 White House hopefuls on stage during the second
        night of back-to-back Democratic nomination debates fired away
        at Republican President Trump, Barack Obama’s name was invoked
        23 times during the showdown.
        Some of those mentions were made by front-runner Biden, who
        touted administration achievements during the two terms he
        served as Obama’s vice president. But many came from rivals who
        took shots at Biden by tying him to polices that have fallen out
        of favor with progressives as the Democratic Party’s base drifts
        further left.
        Specifically coming under attack were ObamaCare – the
        president’s signature domestic policy achievement that
        dramatically transformed health care in America – and the Obama
        administration’s policy of stepped-up deportations of illegal
Obama is still beloved by the majority of Democrats, but the more vocal
left-wing of the party sees him as a capitalist and not liberal enough –
his deportations numbered more than any other President, including
Trump. While Biden is not as dynamic as some other candidates like
Elizabeth Warren or Tulsi Gabbard, he does have the institutional
support of many top Democrats. Whether this proves enough to secure him
the nomination remains to be seen.


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