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June 25, 2019 

How Joe Biden Made Millions Since 2017

Joe Biden, much like fellow Establishment Democrat Hillary, has made
millions of dollars in speaking fees and other influence peddling
schemes. Fox News reports:

        Former Vice President Joe Biden has raked in millions since
        leaving office while upgrading his lifestyle substantially,
        according to a new report — details that could challenge his
        ‘Middle Class Joe’ public persona.
        Biden, who was never one of the wealthier members of Congress
        during his decades as a senator, has seen his fortunes turn
        considerably since the Obama administration thanks to speeches
        and book deals, according to The Washington Post.
        The Post reported, citing public documents, that Biden was paid
        as much as $200,000 for some speeches. The former VP’s campaign
        told the newspaper Biden has given fewer than 50 paid
        speeches. The ex-vice president also got some pricey perks as
        part of his speaking gigs, including chartered flights, town
        cars and professional drivers, luxury hotel suites, and
        reimbursements, according to the report.
        Meanwhile, Biden has moved into a sprawling mansion outside
        Washington since leaving the White House.

Joe Biden’s dark ties to the Chinese Communist Party and the Ukrainian
government have already come under scrutiny.


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