[Rushtalk] President Speaks to Fox on Cohen Sentencing

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December 13, 2018

President Speaks to Fox on Cohen Sentencing

President Trump gave a major interview to Fox News’s Harris Faulkner,
explaining what he thought of the Michael Cohen sentencing. Fox News

        President Trump, in his first interview since Michael Cohen was
        sentenced to prison, told Fox News on Thursday that he never
        directed his former fixer to do anything wrong and called
        Cohen’s allegations to the contrary an attempt to “embarrass”
        “I never directed him to do anything wrong,” the president told
        host Harris Faulkner in an exclusive interview on Fox News’
        “Outnumbered Overtime.” “Whatever he did, he did on his own.”
        Cohen, who worked as Trump’s lawyer for years before later
        turning against his boss, was sentenced to three years in prison
        Wednesday by a federal judge in New York after pleading guilty
        to numerous crimes, while cooperating with prosecutors. Those
        crimes included tax evasion and campaign-finance violations —
        pertaining to hush-money payments during the 2016 campaign to
        two women who claimed past affairs with Trump. Cohen, speaking
        in court, implicated the president in those transactions, saying
        he felt it was his duty to cover up the president’s “dirty
        In the interview with Faulkner at the White House, Trump said he
        believes Cohen cut a deal with prosecutors to “embarrass me” in
        an attempt to get a lesser sentence.

Cohen’s plea has obviously shaken up a media buzz, and President Trump’s
interview will hopefully set the record straight.


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