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Carl Spitzer {C Juno} cwsiv at juno.com
Mon Jan 7 14:39:04 MST 2019

So many personal changes in Trumps employ it seems too many to
remember..  CWSIV

Here’s Who Trump’s Next Chief of Staff Will Be

Trump’s next Chief of Staff will be Nick Ayers, Pence’s current chief a
staff. A political operative by trade, he will manage the President’s
staff very differently from John Kelly. The Washington Examiner reports:

        President Trump appears poised to make Nick Ayers his third
        chief of staff as he prepares for re-election, replacing John
        Kelly with a wunderkind political operative whose confident,
        no-nonsense manner has ruffled feathers but also stirred
        Trump is poaching the 36-year-old Ayers from Vice President Mike
        Pence, for whom he has served as chief of staff since the summer
        of last year.
        Beginning in his early 20s, Ayers served as campaign manager on
        gubernatorial and presidential campaigns, directed the
        Republican Governors Association, worked on the Trump-Pence 2016
        operation, and advised several Republican candidates over the
        years as an outside consultant.
        Ayers has a demanding management style that often chafed older
        subordinates. But his fans say he has proven himself a smart,
        effective political tactician.

Ayers would be the youngest White House Chief of Staff  since Carter’s
Hamilton Jordan. A fresh, politically savvy chief would be ideal for
Trump in a time when relations with Congress will take greater


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