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Carl Spitzer {C Juno} cwsiv at juno.com
Mon Jul 1 09:03:17 MDT 2019

On Sun, 2019-06-30 at 10:11 -0400, Dennis Putnam wrote:
> The Dems have move so far left there is little to discuss. I can't
> think of anything they are saying we all don't disagree with. They
> have literally gone insane since the Mueller report did not meet their
> expectations. After 2 1/2 years of betting it would do in Trump it did
> in the Dems instead. They have to read things into it that are not
> there just to satisfy their hatred for Trump and the Hillary loss. Now
> they are shaking in their boots about what Barr and Durham will find.

Have we hope of prosecutions of the leftist leadership in America.  Not
that I want Hillary to get it first I think Soros and his influence
should be looked into first.
Strange this nation once jailed Norman Thomas for being a socialist now
Americas domestic enemies take pride in it.  Just like the homosexuals
who were once jailed for that and now they have parades of their shame.
Both are screwing America.


Sad News For Meghan Markle And Prince Harry
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