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Thu Jul 11 13:24:10 MDT 2019

Bernie Sanders accidentally revealed his plans for 2020 with this action

So far three Democrats have announced their candidacy to challenge Trump
for the White House.

Many political experts have already written them off.

But this candidate just took a step that put Trump supporters on notice.

Before a candidate announces, they must quietly assemble a team, spread
rumors of their candidacy, and create a buzz around their campaign.

It looks like Bernie Sanders accidentally let the news slip earlier than
he would have liked.

It is being reported that he is in talks with Means of Production, a
media company that produces campaign ads.

The company produced a viral video that helped lift Alexandria
Ocasio-Cortez from an unknown primary challenger to knock off a 20-year

The Daily Caller reports:

        Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is reportedly looking
        to recruit the media production company used by New York
        Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as speculation
        regarding Sanders’ second run for the presidency heats up.
        Sanders is in talks with Means of Production, the filmmaking
        cooperative of media professionals that launched Ocasio-Cortez’s
        campaign into the limelight, Politico reported, according to
        multiple people familiar with Sanders’s team.
        Sanders has also secured Tim Tagaris and Robin Curran from his
        2016 team who were integral in his grassroots, record-breaking
        small-dollar donations campaign, should he decide to run for
        president in 2020.
        Naomi Burton and Nick Hayes, two Democratic socialists, launched
        Means of Production in 2018 as “an ideologically oriented,
        leftist production cooperative creating high-end affordable

It is now all but certain that Bernie Sanders will enter the race.

Sanders already has a fervent base of support.

Many of his supporters are still upset that the establishment wing of
the Democrat Party rigged the 2016 nomination for Hillary Clinton.

But after being embarrassed by Donald Trump in 2016, the Democrat Party
establishment is in shambles.

That has allowed the most radical elements of their base to take over
the party.

That bodes well for Sanders in the primary.

But there is still a cloud of unresolved cases of sexual harassment
among his staff hanging over his campaign.

We will keep you up-to-date on this story.


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