[Rushtalk] Falwell Jr.: President's Policies More Important Than Personality

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Falwell Jr.: President's Policies More Important Than Personality

evangelical leader jerry falwell jr. raises his right hand to the level
of his head with palm down as he speaks
Evangelical leader Jerry Falwell Jr. (Steve Helber/AP) 
By Brian Freeman    |   Tuesday, 01 January 2019 11:57 AM 

Evangelical leader Jerry Falwell Jr. told The Washington Post he cannot
imagine President Donald Trump "doing anything that's not good for the

In an interview published Tuesday, Falwell said the reason he supported
Trump was "Our country was so deep in debt and so mismanaged by career
politicians that we needed someone who was not a career politician, but
someone who'd been successful in business to run the country like a

When it was pointed out the deficit and debt have both increased during
Trump's first two years in office, Falwell placed the blame on Congress,
which forced on him the spending bill so the president could "get the
military spending up to where it needed to be."

Falwell, who is president of Liberty University, stressed Trump "had no
choice because Obama had decimated the military, and it had to be

Asked about faults in Trump's personality, Falwell said, "I don't think
you can choose a president based on their personal behavior, because
even if you choose the one that you think is the most decent — let's say
you decide Mitt Romney. Nobody could be a more decent human being,
better family man. But there might be things that he's done that we just
don't know about. So, you don't choose a president based on how good
they are; you choose a president based on what their policies are."


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