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Jon Voight Denounces Democrat Impeach Inquiry As 'War Against Truth' 
      * 09/27/2019 12:00 AM 
      * Source: American Update 
      * by: AU Staff 

Jon Voight Denounces Democrat Impeach Inquiry As' War Against Truth'
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Hollywood Icon and Trump supporter Jon Voight blasted the latest
Democrat led attempt to oust the President  as a ' war on truths' and
pleaded with American patriots to stand with Trump in a video he posted
Thursday to Twitter. As Breitbart reports: 

        Veteran actor Jon Voight has called the impeachment inquiry into
        President Donald Trump a “war against truths,” and has called
        upon the country to “stand with our President Trump in a time of
        such evil words.”
        In a short video posted late Thursday to his Twitter account,
        Voight described the current political climate and the
        Democrats’ push to impeach Trump a “war.”
        “War. This is war against truths. This is a war against the
        highest noble man who has defended our country and made us safe
        and great again,” the Jon Voight said. “Let me stand with our
        president. Let us all stand with our President Trump in a time
        of such evil words trying for impeachment.”


        This is war pic.twitter.com/NbHIzbyr4O
        — Jon Voight (@jonvoight) September 27, 2019
        “This is a crime that the left are trying to force. This is a
        disgrace by such ignorant followers that have no truth of what
        truly has been brought back to our country,” he said. “We have
        gained greatness. We have gained jobs. We have gained more than
        any president has promised.”

Voight is right, it's now time to stand with the President in what very
well may be his darkest hour. The future of the country depends on it. 

 Source: American Update 

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