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Reporter Calls Himself ‘Ignorant,’ Immediately Gets His Head Handed to
Him by Sarah Sanders
By Jonathan Pincus 

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is no stranger to
trading barbs with reporters from notoriously anti-Trump media outlets,
but Thursday’s media briefing featured a more lighthearted exchange.

While discussing President Donald Trump’s “mental acuity,” Playboy
reporter Brian Karem slipped up, inadvertently setting himself up for a
major burn from the White House press secretary.

“I profess my ignorance in this,” Karem said before being interrupted by

“You said it not me,” she joked, to which Karem responded in good humor.

“Don’t smile,” he said.

However, it was too late as Sanders had already caught Karem’s mistake.

“If you want to call yourself ignorant, I’m not going to argue,” she

Laughter could be heard by other members of the media as Sanders’
stinging statement sunk in.

Karem attempted to play it off with some banter of his own, telling
Sanders, “enlighten me, make me smarter.”

He continued to hammer away at the specifics of Trump’s upcoming

“So next week, when he goes to his physical, are there mental acuity
tests that go along with that or is it purely physical in nature?” he

Sanders responded by telling Karem that the results would be provided to
the media after the physical is conducted.

In December, critics began questioning the president’s health after he
appeared to slur multiple words during his announcement that the United
States would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. 

As noted by The Western Journal, reporters and others began to wonder
what was wrong and during a December news briefing, Sanders addressed
questions regarding the president’s health.

“The president’s throat was dry, nothing more than that,” she stated,
before revealing the scheduling of his physical that will take place
this month.

“He does have a physical scheduled for the first part of next year. The
full physical that most presidents go through,” Sanders added. “That
will take place at Walter Reed (National Military Medical Center) and
those records will be released by the doctor following that taking


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