[Rushtalk] Outsmarted By "The Donald"

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Wed May 13 10:49:31 MDT 2020

I happened across this most EXCELLENT presentation (first one) that condenses all I have learned over the decades about banks, money & politics.  
 The only exclusion has been the GLASS STEGALL system that separates banking activities and machinations from private actual money.  George Soros plays this global game WELL, but it appears the Rothschilds have been outsmarted by a 'stupid' President Trump.
 The second is a quickie from Trump ... That bloke is no dill!
 Who Controls All of Our Money?_21.5mins
 12 June 2017  By an Australian "JANET YELLEN" (a bloke)
 Trump explaining his actions re the Federal Reserve_1.5mins
 and of course this - the result of the above.  So is Trump stupid?  (ths stupid think so!)
 Trump Takes Control of the FED_Leads the way for other leaders_Michael Tellinger_20200509_24.5mins

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