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The Amazing Karnak touched the envelope containing a deep, vexing
that one of his followers presented for resolution.

Invariably the Amazing Karnak would answer the question brilliantly and
humorously before opening the envelope
and reading the question aloud.

Were he present today, the Amazing Karnak would touch this envelope to
his head and answer:

"A parsec."

Straight Man Ed McMahon:  "Parsec?"

Amazing Karnak:  "Parsec - 19 trillion miles"

(Opens the envelope, blows into the envelope and retrieves the piece of
paper on which the vexing question is typed)

"What is the proper social distance from a Democrat?" 
Or What distance to keep socialists from public office?

(In short, “parsec” is a portmanteau-name (PARallax of one SECond of
arc) proposed by Herbert Hall Turner in 1913 to characterize one unit of
stellar distances.)


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