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In any case, I don’t want to see it.  It’s just a huge step in controlling the populous.  We do it once, the second time becomes easier, etc.  besides, that addresses the symptom, not the underlying issue?  Why did the officer do it, and why did others stand around and watch?  To me, the ones that watched and let it happen were the worst of the lot.  They watched a fellow officer kill a man who was face down on the ground.  If the man was still an active threat, they are trained to assist to reduce/eliminate that threat.  No where does training tell them to stand by and watch another crime in progress.  They are equipped with tasers, stun guns, night sticks.  And the only recourse they saw was to stand by and watch a murder.  To protect and serve.  Certainly glad I don’t have to rely on them for protection.

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There is posse comatatus to deal with but I think if requested by local
elected officials, it is possible. Otherwise it is unconstitutional.

Biden anyway. Trump as done more for this country than all other POTUS's
since Ronaldus Magnus in spite of his faults. My main beef with him is


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> Donald Trump is threatening use of the military to stop the rioting.  Waco?  Military against American citizens domestically?
> Philosophical aside: It alarms me to think that Joe Biden and Donald Trump are the best this country has to offer for leadership.
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