[Rushtalk] Trump approval hits magic number 52%

Stephen Frye stephen.frye at outlook.com
Sun Nov 8 14:20:50 MST 2020

I totally get the frustration.  I agree with them.  My son spent eight years in the army.  I asked what he would have done had he been ordered to point his M16 at an American civilian.  He told me that that question plagues every young soldier.

I doubt that civil war would resemble 1861.  More like Northern Ireland.

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                        You may not have to wait more than a few days for that civil war, Stephen. Word has it that the "Proud Boys" are in Detroit, idly standing by and waiting for a reason to start the mayhem. With the National Guard present also, this may not be the wisest move, but I understand the frustration that is driving them.

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Not sure what will happen.  Right or wrong, Trump sounds like Gore and the dems in 2000.  “Stole the election”.  He/we can stew, fret, curse, sue - but the results won’t change.  We’re stuck with Biden and Harris.  Michelle Obama is still deriding Trump supporters.  She and her husband instilled more division and hatred in this country than contemporaries have ever seen.  And they continue to do so.  I hope I don’t live to see civil war, but I am sure my grandkids will.

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                       Surprising that CNN would run this story UNLESS, they were going to pin the blame on QAnon: https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/07/us/pennsylvania-convention-center-arrests/index.html

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On Fri, 2020-10-23 at 23:50 +0000, John A. Quayle via Rushtalk wrote:
Rush also said that black approval of Trump's job as President has gone from 25% as of October 17th to 46% as of today!

So then how is Biden anywhere near the Presidency? Did the Chinese print up extra mail in ballots??

                 In downtown Pittsburgh, they were running ballots through reader machines on Monday.

Trump must not surrender even if the deep state engineers a depression style stock market crash.
The electoral college must save the country from communism or choose civil war with Biden.



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