[Rushtalk] Anthony Fauci Is A Communist

Stephen Frye stephen.frye at outlook.com
Mon Nov 16 21:17:32 MST 2020

I’m in total agreement.  Attempted erections almost always get bizarre looks.

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On Sat, 2020-11-14 at 19:36 +0000, Stephen Frye via Rushtalk wrote:
He’s right about at least one thing:  science becomes secondary to politics.  I know, I know:  “experts say ...”.  The problem is that we can always find a plethora of experts who will tell us exactly what we want to hear - never fails.  The issues get totally politicized, and then no one will ever back down.  Both sides dig in

Mixing the dog poop of politics with science leaves everyone checking their shoes for the stink.

Trump made a mistake locking down we should have let the overcrowded democrat cities thin out a bit.
The economy serves everyone who is not democrat.  A few thousand lives are a price worth paying.
Time to end the shutdown say on Jan 21 after Donald Trump is sworn in and everyone unsubscribes from the media print and boob tube.

Once the ministry of propaganda looses subscribers and their Neilson ratings go to 0 will they finally get it.
Last time I shopped at Sprouts my enbroidered MAGA mask got a lot of dirty looks since it was after the attempted erection.

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