[Rushtalk] Antifa: Rise of the Black Flags

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                         Stephen, If I were you and/or Carl, I'd be leaving California post haste - no, I'd be running for the border! I wouldn't stop until I hit Texas. Why? Because Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington (state) New Mexico and Colorado seem to be infected by the previous leftists who fled the mess of their own making. New York is currently undergoing a mass exodus and Andrew Cuomo, when he's not begging for people to return, has shown he hasn't learned his lesson about why people are leaving in droves in the first place...........................sooner or later, these clowns are going to have to wake up! You've got Eric Garcetti in Los Angeles, threatening to shut off people's utilities. I don't know why some young, enterprising attorney doesn't class-action Garcetti's back side off!
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 So what will we do?  Nothing.  Our governor got caught breaking all of the rules he wants to impose on us.  Readers comment that we have to start holding our leaders accountable.  AOC and the squad just told Biden that he needs to enact their agenda by fiat, ignore congress.  If I am not mistaken, during Hitler’s rise to power, he worked with some Field Marshall and simply suspended the Constitution.  Nobody did anything.  We still have violence in the streets.  Nothing happens.  It won’t matter in the least what Biden does, legal or not, because the left is either apathetic or they are supportive of the end justifying the means.  More democrats coming out and saying that the right should be punished - every one of us.
When is enough enough?  What can we do?  Write letters to our Congress People.  Nobody in power (and those that support them) give a single $hit about any of this.  
The media is already totally behind Joe.  How long before they are simply puppets and print what they’re told to print.  Who’s to stop them?
We are quickly becoming the sheeple in a thought-controlled country.  What do we do to stop it?
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Subject: Re: [Rushtalk] Antifa: Rise of the Black Flags Pray this is true and we can look forward to more antics from the left as the main stream media neilson ratings go to zero sadly the once Americanist Fox news among them.  Also plenty of opportunity for the police to get target practice on BLM terrorists especially in Texas where they are already designated terrorists thoug IMHO they should be outlawed.

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