[Rushtalk] Remdesivir: George Soros & Bill Gates Partner with China on Coronavirus Drug!

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Remdesivir: George Soros & Bill Gates Partner with China on Coronavirus
12/02/2020 Shawn Paul Melville 


        🔥Since 2002 Anthony Fauci has been collaborating with USAMRIID
        in Fort Detrick where GILEAD developed Remdesivir! 
        🔥Fauci spearheaded the research on Remdesivir! @ShawningArmor
        @AGRichard1 https://t.co/cT9e4syxNrhttps://t.co/IESLghx0R1
        — StandUpNow007 (@death_nwo) August 7, 2020
As drug manufacturers speed up their efforts to find a new treatment
drug for the coronavirus outbreak that has devastated China and has
caused a world-wide panic, a Chinese drug company just announced that it
has started mass-producing an experimental drug from Gilead Sciences
that has the potential to fight the novel coronavirus (1).

        🔥The U.S. FDA recently granted orphan drug status to Remdesivir
        for treating COVID-19.
        🔥The status gives Gilead various benefits, including the FDA’s
        fast-track drug review.
        🔥But 48 hours after they got this status Gilead walked away &
        partners with China! pic.twitter.com/vY9mkTPQfh
        — StandUpNow007 (@death_nwo) April 10, 2020
BrightGene Bio-Medical Technology, a Suzhou based company (2), just
announced that it has developed the technology to synthesize the active
pharmaceutical ingredients of Remdesivir, the drug developed by Gilead
Biosciences. Its stock price surged 20% in Tuesday morning trading in
Shanghai (1). 

“While BrightGene said that it intends to license the drug from Gilead,
its move to start manufacturing at this early stage is highly unusual
and a potential infringement of the American company’s intellectual
property.“(1) This comes a week after Chinese researchers at the Wuhan
Institute of Virology filed an application to patent Gilead’s drug
Remdesivir to treat the new coronavirus, a bid that would give China
leverage over the global use of the therapy to fight the outbreak

The decision to seek a patent instead of invoking a “compulsory license”
option that lets nations override drug patents in national emergencies,
signals China’s commitment toward intellectual property rights. The
timing is uncanny! Right? Gilead will retain the global rights to market
the antiviral medication, once approved (3). Gilead has also announced
that it is partnering with the Chinese Health Authorities on the
clinical trials of Remdesivir as a treatment for coronavirus (5).
Remdesivir was originally developed in 2016 by Gilead as a treatment for
the Ebola virus (13). Many have argued that China stole the patent from
Gilead due to a technicality, but you will soon see that this is indeed
not the case (14).

And who exactly is Gilead Biosciences? Gilead is partnered with Wuxi
Pharmaceuticals (Wuxi AppTec) owned by New World Order philanthropist
and mass manipulator himself, George Soros (6)(7)! Here is a printout of
Soros Fund Managaement Portfolio which will confirm this (8)! 

Wuxi Pharmaceuticals is conveniently located in the epicenter of the
outbreak near Wuhan Institute of Virology that has been implicated as
the bioweapons manufacturer of this coronavirus (10)(11)(12)! Does China
have both the bioweapon and the therapeutic? And let’s not forget the
patent on the treatment drug! How charitable do you suppose China will
be with the west? 

But this story doesn’t end here. George Soros also owns Gilead
Biosciences (15).

According to The Gateway Pundit, doctors at Providence Regional Medical
Center successfully treated a coronavirus patient within hours using
Gilead’s drug Remdesivir (16). Given the current outbreak that has taken
the world by surprise, it’s important to look at all the current
players. How is Gilead Biosciences tied to this viral outbreak?

Gilead endorsed and is involved in a drug purchasing group
called UNITAID  whose mandate is to create a “patent pool” for
pharmaceutical companies to share their “drug patents” with other
companies in order to produce generic drugs for distribution to poor
African nations (17)(18). The royalties from the sales of these generic
drugs are then paid to the patent holders (19). UNITAID emerged from the
United Nations 2000 Millennium Declaration, which has now evolved into
the UN Global Compact (20)(21). Their internet timeline shows that the
UNITAID website Unitaid.org is also linked to Refunite.org an agency
partnered with the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR that helps to connect
refugees with their families using the internet (22)(23)(24)(25)(26). 

UNITAID has several financial backers including: WHO, UNAIDS, Global
Fund, and the Roll Back Malaria Partnership. In addition, UNITAID has
corporate sponsorship from pharmaceuticals with the “Medicines Patent
Pool” (28).

One billionaire investor behind UNITAID is George Soros himself (29).
But why stop there? UNITAID is also financed by the Bill and Melinda
Gates Foundation and also involves a partnership with the Clinton Health
Access Initiative (CHAI) (30)(31). And interestingly enough both UNITAID
and Gilead Biosciences supported Hillary Clinton for president in 2016

UNITAID’s objectives are to exclude high and middle-income countries
from “drug pool” while allowing “developing” countries to benefit from
lower drug prices (35). In 2009 UNITAID’s board voted to exclude China
and other more lucrative nations when considering targeted nations
outside of Africa. However, since then all that has changed and UNITAID
has now included China in its “drug pool” (36). 

Minutes of the Executive Board of UNITAID dated December 5-6, 2018 in
Marrakesh Morocco (which coincided with the signing of the UN Global
Compact on Migration) stated the following (37)(38): 

        THE REPRESENTATIVE OF WHO informed the Board of a recent meeting
        coordinated by WHO with several global health partners (GPEI,
        GFF, Gavi, Unitaid, Global Fund) to support the development of a
        common health narrative. With regard to parliamentary
        engagement, he informed of a new Memorandum of Understanding
        (MoU) between WHO and the Inter-parliamentary Union and
        encouraged Unitaid to build on this commitment in its country
        work. He underlined the important role of Board members in
        supporting the Unitaid Secretariat by opening new doors and
        leveraging existing political and other connections. He also
        gave positive feedback on the recent Unitaid-WHO visit to China,
        which explored opportunities for engagement.

A year later we now have a Global Pandemic emerging from Mainland China
and the Chinese are the holders of the patent for the treatment drug and
they are also included in the United Nation’s UNITAID initiative that
will see them benefit with lower drug pricing. Furthermore Gilead, a
main supporter of UNITAID (39), has also announced that it is partnering
with the Chinese Health Authorities on the clinical trials of Remdesivir
as a treatment for coronavirus (5). And once approved, Gilead will
retain the global rights to market the antiviral medication (3). 

        🔥REMDESIVIR: What do we have here? The Clinton Group Inc? In
        Canada with Desmarais ties? Do the CLINTONS have private
        ownership in Gilead with Soros, Gates & China? @ShawningArmor
        @IamKPace @AGRichard1
        https://t.co/YHGlnjw64c pic.twitter.com/PdiJjMjLiS
        — StandUpNow007 (@death_nwo) May 1, 2020
UNITAID is the UN and this is bio-warfare, where they control the drugs.
China did not steal Gilead’s patent; Gilead was a willing participant,
they are even working with the Chinese government on clinical trials.
The question remains, how will this impact western nations that are
excluded from the acquisition of lower-priced treatment drugs? Will our
economies be held hostage to Chinese imperialism? And has the
coronavirus outbreak been the vehicle for George Soros, Bill Gates, and
the United Nations to implement the New World Order? It sure look’s like
it! Checkmate!


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