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We’re starting the push with dinner today with friends.  New some did it, so ...  our friends live in L.A. county, so they are really defying the dictator’s mandate.

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                       Stephen, I am sorry you are injured. I will put you on my prayer list. Let us all agree to begin the pushback with some civil disobedience. You have a lot more to pushback on than most of the rest of us, you and Carl, being that you are Californians. You're a petrie dish for the rest of America.

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So much happening that I find my entire outlook on life has changed.  I am confused.  I find I am growing angry with my Pope.  Can’t get tickets to my church, so I have zero idea of my own parish clergy believes.

I just read today that Penguin is publishing a book by a conservative, and the employees cried - complaining that such things shouldn’t be published.  Total denial of the first amendment and the right to have opinions even if they differ.

Some member of the new cabinet said that free speech deisn’t provide for criticizing the FBI.  ( criticizing local police is, of course, fine).  AOC and others want Biden to bypass congress and act by executive order.

I have read John post, over and over (no criticism, because I agree) that we need to push back.  I ask how?  Nobody in power cares crap one.

Governor in power says no gatherings, then he is caught at one.  Chicago mayor caught at a huge gathering, but condemns others doing the same.  And here is a great one:  governor of Irsgon says no gathering in private homes.  Need to stop the spread.  She encourages neighbors to call and tattle.  Then she will have you arrested and out in jail where the risk is severe.  And the sheeple all go along.  Everywhere.

So how do we push back against this?  Write our Congress men and women?  Some dems want every GOP financial contributor sought out and punished.  Punished for a different belief.  I knew that their calls for diversity were bogus.  A former president, one more responsible than any other single entity for the hatred and division in this country, continues to attack and condemn those of a different view.

Nobody cares.  It’s all happening as we just sit back and watch and shout (yes, me too) “ we need to push back”.

How do we do this?  My question is not rhetorical.  I want to know what my options are before the current regime takes all my options away.

P.S.  I am typing with one finger because my arm is in a cast.  Please excuse typos.

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