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Dennis Putnam dap1 at bellsouth.net
Fri Nov 27 06:55:43 MST 2020

I have the same issue with both my thumbs. Not quite ready to go through 
that yet though.

On 11/26/2020 1:27 PM, Stephen Frye wrote:
> Dennis, I did indeed dump Facebook. �I was getting way too angry. 
> �Couldn�t believe the crap I was reading. �Big problem, though: so 
> many accept what they read there as gospel, and that�s their sole source.
> By the way, thanks for the well wishes. �No injury. �Just an age thing 
> - arthritis. �Thumb surgery. �They take out a small bone, pin the 
> sides, and scar tissue grow to replace the bone. �Worked well on my 
> right hand, hopeful for my left.
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> Big tech and the cancel culture bears a lot of the responsibility. 
> Also our educational institutions. Complain to school boards about the 
> indoctrination of our youth. Be present when at home schooling is done 
> and push back when indoctrination starts. But be prepared to have your 
> child ostracized when you do or even suspended. Avoid using big tech 
> platforms particularly Google, Facebook and Twitter. Instead use 
> DuckDuckGo and Parler. Stop buying from Amazon and use other mail 
> order stores. Then the hard part, get your friends and neighbors to do 
> the same.
> P.S. Heal fast Stephen and have a Happy Thanksgiving in spite of 
> Newsom. I'm glad I live in a red state (I don't believe for an instant 
> that it has turned purple legitimately).
> On 11/25/2020 11:15 PM, John A. Quayle via Rushtalk wrote:
>> Stephen, I am sorry you are injured. I will put you on my prayer 
>> list. Let us all agree to begin the pushback with some civil 
>> disobedience. You have a lot more to pushback on than most of the 
>> rest of us, you and Carl, being that you are Californians. You're a 
>> petrie dish for the rest of America.
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>> So much happening that I find my entire outlook on life has changed. 
>> �I am confused. �I find I am growing angry with my Pope. �Can�t get 
>> tickets to my church, so I have zero idea of my own parish clergy 
>> believes.
>> I just read today that Penguin is publishing a book by a 
>> conservative, and the employees cried - complaining that such things 
>> shouldn�t be published �Total denial of the first amendment and the 
>> right to have opinions even if they differ.
>> Some member of the new cabinet said that free speech deisn�t provide 
>> for criticizing the FBI. �( criticizing local police is, of course, 
>> fine). �AOC and others want Biden to bypass congress and act by 
>> executive order.
>> I have read John post, over and over (no criticism, because I agree) 
>> that we need to push back. �I ask how? �Nobody in power cares crap one.
>> Governor in power says no gatherings, then he is caught at one. 
>> �Chicago mayor caught at a huge gathering, but condemns others doing 
>> the same. �And here is a great one: �governor of Irsgon says no 
>> gathering in private homes. �Need to stop the spread. �She encourages 
>> neighbors to call and tattle. �Then she will have you arrested and 
>> out in jail where the risk is severe. �And the sheeple all go along. 
>> �Everywhere.
>> So how do we push back against this? �Write our Congress men and 
>> women? �Some dems want every GOP financial contributor sought out and 
>> punished. �Punished for a different belief. �I knew that their calls 
>> for diversity were bogus. �A former president, one more responsible 
>> than any other single entity for the hatred and division in this 
>> country, continues to attack and condemn those of a different view.
>> Nobody cares. �It�s all happening as we just sit back and watch and 
>> shout (yes, me too) � we need to push back�.
>> How do we do this? �My question is not rhetorical. �I want to know 
>> what my options are before the current regime takes all my options away.
>> P.S. �I am typing with one finger because my arm is in a cast. 
>> �Please excuse typos.
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