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There were horrendous side effects to the vaccine we were forced to take.  Not FDA approved?  So what?  What shall we do about it?  CDC is ignoring the Supreme Court, as are Congress and the Administration.  I just re-read the Constitution.  Start to finish.  Can’t find the part that allows CDC to enact law, or the part that allows to Administrative and legislative branches to supersede the judicial.  We live in a new era.  We live in the era of elite and peasant.  All we need do is listen to Ms. Bush tell us that her body has a right to be on this planet, but seemingly not ours.  And still millions supporting the government that cares about us!  Yeah right.  We’ve had hints of this for years.  Now we’re living it.  Citing the Constitution, the Geneva Convention, enacted law are all a complete waste of time.  We are no longer governed; we are ruled at the whims of the elite.  We can pound our fists, stomp our feet, yell at the top of our lungs, but no one is listening.  Remember “Network”?

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One big difference. Those vaccines were all FDA approved with well known side effects, including long term. The China virus vaccine is NOT approved except for emergency use. The side effects are not completely known and the long term effects are unknown. We know that those who have recovered have immunity so they don't need the vaccine. We also know the risk to those under 18 is lower from the disease than the vaccine.

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BFD.  I was vaccinated against my will in the Navy.  Kids are forced to get all kinds of vaccinations to register for school.  There’s the cloud.  There’s reality.
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Why is science being censored in Canada? I thought you claimed
socialists believe in the science.

Any claim against the current government approved propaganda gets
heavily censored and/or the person questioning the official propaganda
gets slandered or libeled.

Scientist in Canada gets slandered and censored for simply stating facts
about the vaccine.


There are concerns with the vaccine. Why can not people see that?
Accusing any non vaccinated person for causing other people to die from
the virus should be a crime. It is libel or slander depending on how you
present it. Coercing someone to get the vaccine should be a crime.

                    Mandatory vaccinations are a violation of the Geneva Convention. Look it up!
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