[Rushtalk] More Definitive Proof of Genocide - Time for Nuremberg II

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Subject: More Definitive Proof of Genocide - Time for Nuremberg II


Subject: More Definitive Proof of Genocide - Time for Nuremberg II 

 #yiv2544743047 P {margin-top:0;margin-bottom:0;}Here is yet another source of clear, convincing evidence of decades long research and plotting to bio weaponize viruses and to create an atmosphere around them, including all the propaganda, the hype, the series of repeating social constraints and the artificial, ineffective and intentionally counterproductive "cures" for the problem caused by those who have plotted against humanity.  
Doing so is a crime against humanity and violates the Nuremberg Code.  And as seen in the first Nuremberg trials, claiming ignorance or "Just following Orders" is no excuse.  Beware, Doctors and Health officials who encouraged, demanded and were paid to promote the "Jab," you are liable.
What is more, being in an elected or appointed position of power in our government (at any level - Presidential, Congressional, Administrative, State or local) where the office holder has sworn allegiance to the Constitution (Federal and State) and has intentionally endangered the citizens they were charged to protect, is High Treason.  We must charge and convict them all, and then hang them publicly on the lawn of the Washington Mall, just below the Washington Monument.  
Watch this and if you can possibly find wiggle room for efficacy of the past 2 years or relief for ANY official from this scourge, please - do share.  Who should be exempt from Treason and Crimes Against Humanity?

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