[Rushtalk] Afghanistan Analysis

Dennis Putnam dap1 at bellsouth.net
Mon Aug 16 12:08:33 MDT 2021

Based on General Milley's congressional testimony a few weeks ago I 
think I have nailed the reason for the Kabul disaster.

1. There was insufficient time to indoctrinate the troops sufficiently 
on critical race theory. They were too racist to fight an enemy who were 
using 1940's weaponry.

2. Lack of understanding of "white supremacy" left them defenseless 
against Islamic enemies.

3. Too few transgenders were able to complete their taxpayer funded 
surgeries to become fully functional female fighters.

4. Trump.

5. Republicans, especially those that supported Trump

6. Jan 6 insurrectionists

7. Bush (43)

8. Reagan

9. Lincoln

10. Jefferson

11. Washington

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