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I am 69.  I’m a retired software engineer with advanced degrees in math and computer science, originally trained in avionics.  I am totally left-brained and ultimately rely on data experiment to form a theory and/or make a claim.  I detest wild claims that have no foundation whatsoever in science and data.  Most of your claims fall into that category.  That’s no different from the drivel on Facebook, Twitter, and the myriad of other social media platforms.  You have continued to dig in on an inaccurate claim and provide ZERO data to support it.  This is habitual.  I’m not taking my football and going home.  I don’t have a football.  But I refuse to subject myself to the continuous stream of the absurd.  Yes, I could delete and move on, but what’s the point? Other than the occasional contributions from Dennis or Tom, most of this is nonsense.  Post after post of links to click on.  Comments on issues that are weeks or months old.  Irrelevancy to the extreme.  I’ve been in this group since the 90’s.  It was good, lively, educational, thought-provoking.  Now it’s just another platform.  If that’s what people want, then that’s fine.  Truly.  But it is not what I’m looking for.  I prefer some semblance of fact and reality - substance for real exchange.  Maybe I ask for too much.  I’ll grant that.  But I can always hope.

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                        How old are you? You're acting like a five year-old! You want to hold your breath, take your football and go home? Grow up!

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Enough is enough.  I have too many addresses for rush talk.  How do I unsubscribe?

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