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Carl Spitzer {C Juno} cwsiv at juno.com
Thu Jul 29 09:38:53 MDT 2021

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From: Scott D 

           So true.
                                                        Do you know what
                                                        happened 171
                                                        years ago this
                                                        September 9,
                                                        became a state!
                                                        The people had
                                                        no electricity,
                                                        the state had no
                                                        and almost
                                                        everyone spoke
                                                        Spanish. There
                                                        were gunfights
                                                        in the streets.
                                                        So basically
                                                        NOTHING has
                                                        changed except
                                                        back then the
                                                        had real tits
                                                        and the men
                                                        didn't hold
                                                        And that, my
                                                        friends, is your
                                                        history lesson
                                                        for today. 


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