[Rushtalk] Example of Election Fraud

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                       Actually, Carl, that's no longer true. Ticket sales generate about 15-25% of revenue these days. TV contracts provide about about 65% of income and the rest is generated by sales of merchandise like hats, jerseys and the like................
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 I cannot, for the life of me, understand their goals. Just yesterday there was condemnation of people displaying American flags in their vehicles. Really? But when I step back, all of the issues that are being cited as crises are not new.  But all of a sudden, these are proffered as extinction level events, and damned near everyone is jumping on the bandwagon.  I want to ask all of them - “if these are such life-threatening issues, why didn’t you give a crap two years ago?  Two years ago you dicn’t give a crap because there was no threat to your bottom line. But today you are afraid of being cancelled, so you jump on board with a prevailing philosophy - totally nonsensical - to cower in the corner so as to CYA, rather than standing on your own two feet.”  Right?  Coke caved, airlines caved, Disney caved, MLB caved, NFL caved, NBA caved. Do they all really believe this crap, or are they solely interested in their bottom line? I’m putting my money on the latter.

What if no fans returned to the stands then sports would have no money to pay the players.  

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Democrat is SIN and TREASON


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