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>             The term “Fascist” is increasingly thrown about in public
> discourse today;  too often, as an unjustified smear. It is important
> to know what fascism actually means. It has been intensely studied by
> historians.  One of the most definitive analysis to date was conducted
> by Robert O. Paxton in his book “Anatomy of Fascism”; a premier book
> at the Holocaust Museum bookstore in Washington DC.  Paxton
> painstakingly describes the traits of a true fascist movement. These
> include:
>             First and foremost, a claim of “group supremacy” by some
> element in a society.  This generally involves considerations of race,
> ethnicity, religion, class, and even gender, where the identification
> with the group, supersedes and ultimately excludes all other
> affiliations.  The identification is frequently bolstered by perceived
> common grievances.
>             Second, the group demonstrates zero tolerance toward
> political opponents. Because the group holds itself out to be the only
> reality, the idea of evolving truth, as embraced in a democracy, is
> violently rejected.  Opposition voices are “not just defeated, they
> are vanquished”.  
>             Third, differentiation between the government and the
> people, as in a democracy, is rejected.  “The people” are those loyal
> to the fascist order and no one else.  The government does not serve;
> it leads; defining and re-engineering values and identity to meet
> contingencies.   It is also the instrument of suppression for internal
> opposition.   The aim of a fascist society is totalitarianism,
> described by Benito Mussolini, the father of modern fascism, as
> “everything in the state, nothing outside the state, and nothing
> against the state.”
>             Fourth, fascists reject the notion of objective truth.
> The only truth is the repeated litany of their fears and aspirations.
> Propaganda is the indispensable instrument for maintaining and shaping
> the fascist order. Members trade-in their intellects to be lulled into
> hearing, only what they want to hear. 
>             Lastly, is the “Fuhrerprinzip” (leadership principle).
> Fascists are enamored by charisma. They seek a leader, who embodies
> their hopes and aspirations, and with whom they can vicariously share
> power.  They live through their leader.
>             Fascism can take root in and adapt to any culture, because
> it involves universal, yet negative human tendencies.  The comedian
> George Carlin once said that “when it comes to America; it would come
> in Nike sneakers” not boots. Fascism is the dark side of human
> society; its legacy includes war, genocide and total destruction. That
> is why it should be properly understood, recognized and exposed.

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