[Rushtalk] Behind the Vaccine Veil: Doctor cites ‘whistleblowers’ inside CDC who claim injections have already killed 50,000 Americans

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Behind the Vaccine Veil: Doctor cites ‘whistleblowers’ inside CDC who
claim injections have already killed 50,000 Americans

By Leo Hohmann, 24 June, 2021  
‘Good doctors are doing unthinkable things’ …They ‘appear to be under a

The most highly cited physician on the early treatment of COVID-19 has
come out with an explosive new video that blows the lid off the medical
establishment’s complicity in the unnecessary deaths of tens of
thousands of Americans.

Dr. Peter McCullough said these deaths have been facilitated by a false
narrative bent on pushing an all-new, unproven vaccine for a disease
that was highly treatable.

He said COVID was a bioweapon and the vaccines represent “phase two” of
that bioweapon.


“As this, in a sense, bioterrorism phase one was rolled out, it was
really all about keeping the population in fear and in isolation and
preparing them to accept the vaccine, which appears to be phase two of a
bioterrorism operation,” McCullough said in a June 11 webinar with
German attorney Reiner Fuellmich and several other doctors.

He noted:

        “Both the respiratory virus and the vaccine delivered to the
        human body the spike protein, the gain of function target of
        this bioterrorism research.”

Most of McCullough’s comments come in the first 10 minutes of the below

“Now I can’t come out and say all this on national TV today or at any
time,” he continued. “But, what we had learned over time is that we
could no longer communicate with government agencies. We actually
couldn’t even communicate with our propagandized colleagues in major
medical centers, all of which appear to be under a spell, almost as if
they are hypnotized right now.”

He did not hold back in his criticism of his colleagues in the medical

        “And doctors, good doctors, are doing unthinkable things, like
        injecting biologically active messenger RNA that produces this
        pathological spike protein into pregnant women. I think when the
        doctors wake up from their trance they’re going to be shocked to
        think what they’ve done to people.”

McCullough is professor of medicine and vice chief of internal medicine
at Baylor University and also teaches at Texas A&M University. He is an
epidemiologist, cardiologist and internist and has testified before the
Texas State Senate related to COVID-19 treatments. He holds the
distinction of being the most widely cited physician in the treatment of
COVID-19 with more than 600 citations in the National Library of

In the video, recorded by Oval Media, McCullough said:

“The first wave of the bioterrorism is a respiratory virus that spread
across the world, and affected relatively few people—about one percent
of many populations—but generated great fear.”

He said the virus targeted primarily people over 50 with multiple
medical conditions. It poses almost no risk to children.

He said 85 percent of the more than 600,000 U.S. deaths could have been
prevented with a multi-drug treatment given in the early to mid-point of
the disease.

Instead, people were told to stay home and not return to the hospital
unless their symptoms got worse, such as severe breathing problems. By
then it was too late for many. They were placed on ventilators and died.

The vast majority of doctors jumped in lockstep to follow these
erroneous “guidelines” handed down by the World Health Organization and
the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. Those guidelines neglected to
place any focus on the treatment of sick patients and, from the
beginning, as early as April 2020, started emphasizing the need for a
vaccine as the only real hope of beating back the virus.

The federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System [VAERS] logged 5,993
reports of deaths of people injected with the COVID vaccine between Dec.
14, 2020, and June 11, 2021. That’s more than all the deaths reported to
VAERS from all other vaccines combined over the last 22 years.

But these numbers, as shocking as they are, don’t scratch the surface of
the actual number of dead Americans, said McCullough.

        “We have now a whistleblower inside the CMS, and we have two
        whistleblowers in the CDC. We think we have 50,000 dead
        Americans. Fifty thousand deaths. So we actually have more
        deaths due to the vaccine per day than certainly the viral
        illness by far. It’s basically propagandized bioterrorism by

See: Latest CDC VAERS data for 12- to 17-year-olds include 7 deaths, 271
serious adverse events following COVID vaccines

McCullough added that “every single thing that was done in public health
in response to the pandemic made it worse.”

He said the suppression of early COVID treatments, such as
hydroxychloroquine and especially Ivermectin, “was tightly linked to the
development of a vaccine.”

See: New Study Links Ivermectin to ‘Large Reductions’ in COVID-19 Deaths

Without the suppression of the already-available treatments, the
government would not have been able to legally grant Emergency Use
Authorization to the three vaccines rushed to market by Moderna, Pfizer
and Johnson and Johnson.

In the case of Moderna, the U.S. government is co-patent holder through
the National Institutes of Health, a clear conflict of interest.

“I published basically the only two papers that teach doctors how to
treat COVID-19 at home to prevent hospitalization and death…If treated
early, it results in an 85 percent reduction in hospitalizations and
death,” McCullough said.

So not only were the vaccines rolled out unnecessarily by suppressing
already available, effective treatments, but the FDA and CDC are now
covering up tragic numbers of deaths caused by their experimental mRNA

McCullough said he has organized groups around the world that emphasize
early treatment.

“Governments have actually tried to block early treatment of COVID
patients, so we created a home patient guide,” he said.

“We broke through to the people, and the people who got sick with COVID
called in to get medications from mail-order distribution pharmacies. So
without the government even knowing what went on, we crushed the
epidemic here in the United States towards the end of December and
January. We basically took care of the pandemic with about 500 doctors
and telemedicine services. And to this day we treat about 25 percent of
the US COVID-19 population that actually are at high risk, over age 50
with medical problems or present with severe symptoms. And we basically
handled the pandemic, and at the same time we’ve tried to keep ourselves
above the political fray.”

McCullough said his focus has recently turned to the unnecessary and
dangerous injections.

        “We are working to change the public view of the vaccine. The
        public initially accepted the vaccine and we had to kind of
        slowly turn the ship. Now, in the U.S. the rates of vaccination
        have been dropping since April 8. Most of the vaccination
        centers are empty.
        “We have a lot going on in the United States. We are engaging
        more and more attorneys.”

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