[Rushtalk] Just Thinking about electric cars

Carl Spitzer {C Juno} cwsiv at juno.com
Fri Jun 25 08:30:57 MDT 2021

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From: Scott D 
                        Has anyone thought about this?
                        If all cars were electric... and were caught up
                        in a three-hour traffic jam...  dead batteries!
                        Then what?
                        Not to mention, that there is virtually no
                        heating in an electric vehicle.
                        If you get stuck on the road all night, no
                        battery, no heating, no windshield wipers, no
                        radio, no GPS (all these drain the batteries).
                        You can try calling 911 to bring women and
                        children to safety!
                        But they cannot come to help you since all roads
                        are blocked and [they] will probably require all
                        police cars to be electric also . . . if we
                        still have police departments then.
                        And when the roads become unblocked no one can
                        move!  Their batteries are dead.
                        How do you charge the thousands of cars in a
                        traffic jam? (That is a business I think I’d
                        like to look into.  Drones to deliver heavy
                        batteries and someone to remove and install.)
                        Same problem during summer vacation departures
                        with miles of traffic jams. There would
                        be virtually NO air conditioning in an electric
                        vehicle.  It would drain your batteries quickly.
                        No reporter talks about this of course!  
                        Wouldn’t it be easier to just get rid of the
                        politicians who are trying to help China’s

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