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Published: Oct 16, 2021
Author: Thomas T. Siler, M.D.

There is a massive propaganda push against those choosing not to
vaccinate against COVID-19 with the experimental mRNA vaccines.
Mainstream media, the big tech corporations, and our government have
combined efforts to reward compliance and to shame and marginalize
non-compliance. Their mantra says that this is a pandemic of the
unvaccinated. Persons who choose not to vaccinate are characterized as
unintelligent, selfish, paranoid people who don't read much and live in
a trailer park in Florida (or Alabama, or Texas, or name your state).
Never has there been such an effort to cajole, manipulate through fear,
and penalize people to take an experimental medical treatment.

However, as time has passed with this pandemic and more data accumulates
about the virus and the vaccine, the unvaccinated are looking smarter
and smarter with each passing week. It has been shown now that the
vaccinated equally catch and spread the virus. Vaccine side effect data
continues to accumulate that make the risk of taking the vaccine
prohibitive as the pandemic wanes. Oral and IV medications (flccc.net)
that work early in the treatment of COVID-19 are much more attractive to
take now as the vaccine risks are becoming known, especially because the
vaccinated will need endless boosters every six months.

First, let's address the intelligence of the unvaccinated. Vaccine
hesitancy is multi-factorial and has little to do with level of
education or intelligence. Carnegie Mellon University did a study
assessing vaccine hesitancy across educational levels. According to the
study, what's the educational level with the most vaccine hesitancy?
Ph.D. level! Those can all have been awarded to liberal arts majors.
Clearly, scientists who can read the data and assess risk are among the
least likely to take the mRNA vaccines.

The claim that there's a pandemic of the unvaccinated is, therefore,
patently untrue. As a retired nurse from California recently asked, "Why
do the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing
the unprotected to use the protection that did not protect the protected
in the first place?" If the vaccine works to prevent infection, then the
vaccinated have nothing to worry about. If the vaccine does not prevent
infection, then the vaccinated remain at some risk, and the unvaccinated
would be less likely to choose a vaccine that does not work well.

The mRNA vaccine efficacy is very narrow and focused on the original
alpha strain of COVID-19. By targeting one antigen group on the spike
protein, it does help for the original alpha strain, but it is clear now
it does not protect against Delta strain and is likely not protective
against any future strains that might circulate. It also appears that
the efficacy wanes in 4-6 months, leading to discussions about boosters.
Top Articles By American Thinker

The Left's Psychiatric Weapon

Several authors have pointed out that vaccinating with a "leaky" vaccine
during a pandemic is driving the virus to escape by creating variants.
If the booster is just another iteration of the same vaccine, it likely
won't help against the new strain but will, instead, produce
evolutionary pressure on the virus to produce even more variants and
expose us to more side effects. Why, then, is this booster strategy for
everyone being pursued?

This vast Phase 3 clinical trial of mRNA vaccines in which Americans are
participating mostly out of fear is not going well. It is abundantly
clear for anyone advocating for public health that the vaccination
program should be stopped. Iceland has just stopped giving the Moderna
vaccine to anyone which is a good step in the right direction. Sweden,
Denmark, and Finland have banned the Moderna vaccine for anyone under
the age of 30.

VAERS, our vaccine adverse effect reporting system, showed at the
beginning of this week 16,000 deaths, 23,000 disabilities, 10,000
MI/myocarditis, 87,000 urgent care visits, 75,000 hospital stays, and
775,000 total adverse events. The VAERS system is widely known to
under-report events by 1-10%.

Eudravigilance, the European reporting system now associates 26,000
deaths in close proximity to administration of the vaccine.
Whistleblower data from the CMS system (Medicare charts) showed close to
50,000 deaths in the Medicare group shortly after the vaccine.

An AI-powered tracking program called Project Salus also follows the
Medicare population and shows vaccinated Medicare recipients are having
worse outcomes week by week of the type consistent with Antibody
Dependent Enhancement. This occurs when the vaccine antibodies actually
accelerate the infection leading to worsening COVID-19 infection
outcomes. Antibody Dependent Enhancement has occurred previously with
trials of other coronavirus vaccines in animals. The CDC and the FDA are
suppressing this data and no one who receives the vaccine has true
informed consent.

The Rome declaration has 6,700 medical signatories attesting that the
handling of the pandemic amounts to crimes against humanity for denying
the best medical treatment and continuing to advocate for harmful
vaccines. The evidence is right in front of Americans to end the
propaganda and mass mask psychosis.

The media narrative of perpetual fear is falling apart. Norway, Sweden,
and Denmark have ended all COVID restrictions and are doing much better
than the US, UK, and Israel, three countries that continue to vaccinate
into the pandemic. Mexico, Guatemala, Indonesia, almost all of Africa,
and parts of India have low vaccination rates and are doing much better
than the US, something attributed to their managing the pandemic by
using Ivermectin.

Over 500,000 people attended the Sturgis motorcycle rally in August and
there was no super spread of COVID-19. Football season started in August
and stadiums around the country are packed with 80,000 fans yelling and
screaming with no masks. There have been no superspreader events, yet
the students are forced to go back to masking in class. This makes no

If the vaccine is so important why do our government leaders and illegal
aliens not have to take it? Currently, 13 states that are Democratic
with high vaccination rates have the highest "case" rates (using a
faulty PCR test), while Republican states are all doing better. How does
this happen?

It should be clear that the government has manipulated COVID to create
perpetual fear, so we'll hand it our liberty. In this giant battle
between our government and the unvaccinated, I hope enough people will
refuse to comply so that we can unite to stop this madness.

I know this decision is very difficult for many people when it comes to
losing their job. To the vaccinated, please don't take any boosters for
you'll just be perpetuating the risk of side effects and new variants.

If we allow the government to decide this medical decision for us, it is
a short step for the government to say it can decide other medical
decisions for you, e.g., all persons over 75 never be resuscitated;
people may have only three children (or two or one) with mandatory
sterilization for women; or refusing the government's demands will see
you denied health care.

Is this the totalitarian state you want to live in? If you are proudly
vaccinated now and on the government side, what about the next
government mandate, when you're on the other side, coerced into a
decision you don't want, how will you feel then?

It is obvious that the government (with the Fauci subset), the media,
and big tech, are trying to divide us and take away the freedoms we have
enjoyed as Americans. I am praying that all who call themselves
Americans can unite to end this medical tyranny and regain a free
America before it is too late. Peacefully resist and do not comply. 


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