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On Wed, 2021-08-18 at 15:03 -0400, Dennis Putnam via Rushtalk wrote:
> Trump was already withdrawing. When he left office he drew down to
> 2500 troops. Whom, I might add, were sufficient to keep the peace.
> Then Biden announced the complete withdrawal for the Talaban planners
> but no plan of his own. He also ignored the advice of the Pentagon and
> State Dept. to wait. Trump's plan was to withdraw by May 1 depending
> on ground conditions. The reason is that in the fall, the Talaban are
> busy harvesting poppies since they make their money that way. The
> winter is too cold and then in the spring they are busy planting the
> next crop. Summers they have nothing to do except fight. 

Might be fun to watch them try to get along without drugs.




If only they would keep their word and let the people leave who want to
like the Americans and the rest of the westerners.

Seems like the Philipines we have overstayed our welcome in Afghanistan
but at least The True President Trump had a good plan for gradual secure

Another Democrat-Nam mess which makes us look weak in the eyes of the

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