[Rushtalk] Newsome Recall

Dennis Putnam dap1 at bellsouth.net
Wed Sep 15 10:48:03 MDT 2021

Frustrating. With the Dems in control and the help of Rhinos, there is 
little we can do at this point. I just hope GA can turn back full red.

On 9/15/2021 12:07 PM, Stephen Frye wrote:
> I don�t get it. �But these days that applies to the whole country. 
> �California may stand in the forefront, but it is far from unique. 
> �This nation elected Biden. �It still supports him. �He can bumble, 
> lie, admit his strings are being pulled, and the band marches on. 
> �General Milley can commit blatant treason, and the band marches on. 
> �DC, in regards to Afghanistan, is nothing more than a giant circle of 
> finger pointing, and the band marches on. �Dr. FSU I has been caught 
> in lie after lie, and the band marches on. �Joe Biden now dictating 
> mandates and law, and the band marches on. �The CDC makes and enforces 
> law in direct violation of Supreme Court ruling, and the band marches 
> on. �Biden came to California and told the people that recalling 
> Newsome is voting for Trump. �Things here are not good, but the trend 
> setters are in DC, and we are all letting them get away with it. �We 
> are all classic enablers.
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> I have no sympathy for CA residents now. The only problem is they also
> destroy the rest of the states when they export their politics.
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