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                         Republicans voted to have a forensic audit in Penn's Woods. The Dumbocraps are suing. 
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 I don’t get it.  But these days that applies to the whole country.  California may stand in the forefront, but it is far from unique.  This nation elected Biden.  It still supports him.  He can bumble, lie, admit his strings are being pulled, and the band marches on.  General Milley can commit blatant treason, and the band marches on.  DC, in regards to Afghanistan, is nothing more than a giant circle of finger pointing, and the band marches on.  Dr. FSU I has been caught in lie after lie, and the band marches on.  Joe Biden now dictating mandates and law, and the band marches on.  The CDC makes and enforces law in direct violation of Supreme Court ruling, and the band marches on.  Biden came to California and told the people that recalling Newsome is voting for Trump.  Things here are not good, but the trend setters are in DC, and we are all letting them get away with it.  We are all classic enablers.

Recalling Neusom is voting against Dominion voting machines which is the beginning of the end for Democrat cheating.
Now that can be considered honest voting which we know is Trump winning.

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Democrat is SIN and TREASON


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