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Antichrist Klaus Schwab & advisor Yuval Harari
Updated: Apr 2 Klaus Schwab's advisor named Yuval Noah Harari is an antichrist. He said, quote, "With all this story about Jesus rising from the dead and being the Son of God, this is fake news." He also says, "We are upgrading humans into Gods." Then he goes on to say in the video below, "We must work with the Beast and not against it." In another outlandish remark he says, "Previously surveillance was mainly above the skin, now it's below the skin."
Harari contends that, "Humans are hackable animals, this whole idea that they have this soul and spirit and they have free will, and nobody knows what's happening inside me, so whatever I choose whether the election or what's in the supermarket, that's free will. That's off." 
Klaus Swab runs the WEF World Economic Forum. He recently boasted that his school has graduated such leaders as Justin Trudeau and that they've penetrated Canada's Cabinet along with Cabinets of Argentina and France. You can see a list of some of the Graduates at this link here. Some notable ones to mention are:  Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Chelsea Clinton, Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland, Jacinda Ardern, Nathaniel Rothschild, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Angela Merkel, and Emmanuel Macron. You might also want to check out this article by Dave Hodges: A Dozen Examples of How Klaus Schwab Controls All Prominent National and World Leaders .

There is something very strange about this man. Here he is pictured at a podium. I found out the Coat of Arms you see on the podium is from KTU University. Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania. Lithuania is in Northeastern Europe and is part of the Baltic region. He is a He is an Honorary Doctor there.
I just can't help but notice the logo on the University Coat of Arms. You will notice an animal with a cross on his head. This is not a lamb however, it is a bull. The sun symbol on the left looks quite similar to the Order of the Black Sun symbol which I will post below.
This also looks much like the Jesuit sun. But they say it symbolizes Science, perhaps.

The bull symbol of course we know is commonly a symbol of baal worship and worship of the Golden Calf. I'm not saying that the University used these symbols knowingly or deliberately. These symbols are ancient. What I am suggesting is the spirits behind these symbols motivated the University to adopt it onto their logo which seems entirely fitting to represent Schwab and crew.
I found several more videos about Harari here: EXPOSED: The most sinister globalist you’ve never heard of, Yuval Noah Harari, lead advisor to Klaus Schwab 

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