[Rushtalk] President Trump goes off on Biden STOTU

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                         Well, here's something you need to know. There are NO good guys in this conflict. Zelenskyy is a NWO stooge. Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum, was calling for a world war as far back as 2014, "in order to bring about global reset." Schwab famously sneered about the reset, "you will own nothing and be happy." 
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All of this rhetoric is totally counterproductive.  It accomplishes nothing other than the continued cultivation of division and polarization.  I keep hearing the debates and accusations on “what would have happened under Trump”.  How stupid are we.  That’s a total waste of time.  It’s a total waste of time to sit around and whine about what anyone “should” have done.  It’s too late for any of that.   There is only one direction left to look.  One question to answer.  To what lengths are we prepared to go to stop Russia?  If we are not prepared to do whatever it takes, then admit it. S as no if we are prepared, then make that fact crystal clear to Putin, and follow through.  These piss-any sanctions won’t do it - unless our goal is to goad Putin into provocation.  Damned cowardly, and very risky of human life.
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