[Rushtalk] President Trump goes off on Biden STOTU

Dennis Putnam dap1 at bellsouth.net
Tue Mar 8 10:07:30 MST 2022

The solution is very simple. Turn on the US oil spigots again and flood 
the world with oil. That will accomplish 4 things. It will create high 
paying jobs here, lower energy prices here and around the world, reduce 
European dependency on Russian oil (as it was when we were a net 
exporter of energy under Trump) and decimate Russia's economy so Putin 
will be unable to afford continuing a war with Ukraine.

Unfortunately the extreme left controlling the Dems prefer advancing the 
idiotic "New Green Deal" over lives and a potential nuclear end to 
civilization. Which makes me think, is world wide radiation considered 

On 3/8/2022 11:54 AM, Stephen Frye via Rushtalk wrote:
> All of this rhetoric is totally counterproductive.  It accomplishes 
> nothing other than the continued cultivation of division and 
> polarization.  I keep hearing the debates and accusations on “what 
> would have happened under Trump”.  How stupid are we.  That’s a total 
> waste of time.  It’s a total waste of time to sit around and whine 
> about what anyone “should” have done.  It’s too late for any of that. 
>   There is only one direction left to look.  One question to answer. 
>  To what lengths are we prepared to go to stop Russia?  If we are not 
> prepared to do whatever it takes, then admit it. S as no if we are 
> prepared, then make that fact crystal clear to Putin, and follow 
> through.  These piss-any sanctions won’t do it - unless our goal is to 
> goad Putin into provocation.  Damned cowardly, and very risky of human 
> life.
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