[Rushtalk] Mounted Police Trample Protesters as Trudeau Regime's Brutal Crackdown Continues

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Poop.  I passed burned out a long time ago.  I lingered for quite a while in the disgusted area.  Now I am at the point where I simply don’t know what the answer is.  The political spectrum, all over the world, is so corrupt.  And I believe that’s natural and expected;  people get power, and I firmly subscribe to “power corrupts”.  Crime is rampant all over the world.  Wife and I cruised a lot, and there were constant warNings about crime at various points of call.  Everybody has their anecdotal answers for given situations, but I find that most of those answers solely address symptoms of much deeper issues.  I hear, read about Christianity, love our brother, etc.  etc.  I see about 99.999999% of all of that as lip service. We’re in this game for ourselves, all 7 billion of us.  And that’s collapsing all over the world. We are all masters at pointing fingers and assigning blame to someone else.  Little, if anything, is ever our own fault - from our leaders on down.  I posted this before, but it is a question that plagues me: if we really, truly, with all of our being believed that this life is a proving ground for eternity, wouldn’t we spend every second trying endure our destiny, rather than trying to find any and every excuse to get by with the bare minimum?  I’d think we would want to score as many brownie points as we could rather than rationalize why we don’t have to.  Everywhere I look I see God used far more as a weapon against others than as an inviting, loving father/savior figure.  How many of us can instantly zero in on some verse in Holy Scripture to justify hatred, killing, war?  It’s frustrating because I don’t see an answer.  No one is willing to compromise. No one is willing, in good faith, to invite discussion.  We all entertain the notion, as long as it goes our way.  I don’t know.  I wish I did.  My only prayer is “God help us all.”  We need it.

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                        He'd never join the list. He's burned out on politics from living under my roof for the first 26 years of his life.

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My son left Pittsburgh this morning at 7am, heading for Canada for business. He'll be back Wednesday. Can't wait to hear his assessment of the current situation up there.

Have him join the list and write about it.  We know the liberal media which dened the election theft has no credibility to report protests honestly.
They are the ones promoting the Jan 6 BS.  If that had been and insurrection the Never Trumpers and Democrats would have gone to the wall.

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