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Published: Feb 19, 2022
Author: James Howard Kunstler

We’re in the midst of a tremendous shift of public opinion. Winter is
not over but the truth is budding now in a thousand places.

O Canada, the Great White North, hovering ominously above Niagara Falls
somewhere, is a winter wonderland, and one of the great pleasures of the
season there, apparently, for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is skating
on thin ice. Why is that? Perhaps in all the hollering you have
forgotten how Mr. T has kicked off a civil war: by forcing
government-mandated shots on his country’s working class of an alleged
“vaccine” that doesn’t work and harms people, at the dwindling end of a
worldwide disease scare that scientists in Canadian labs may have helped
to create.

The great truckers’ convoy that converged on Canada’s capital city,
Ottawa, has exposed the ugly truth at the heart of this historic moment
for Western Civ: that governments have declared war on their own
citizens. It happens that PM Trudeau represents his country’s Liberal
Party, which is suddenly the party of unchecked government power to
interfere in the lives of citizens, the party of speech suppression,
news management, forced unsafe vaccinations, and the seizure of
citizens’ property outside due process of law.

Under the Emergencies Act, Mr. Trudeau’s police have now arrested the
leaders of the trucker’s revolt, Tamara Lich and Chris Barber, on
charges of “counseling to commit mischief” (O, dear…!), and seized their
bank accounts, while also freezing the bank accounts of anyone who
donated money to the truckers’ cause. That action led, naturally, to
runs on Canada’s major banks, leading to bank shut-downs on Wednesday —
d’uh… what do you expect when the authorities send the message: your
money is not safe in Canada’s banks, and might not even be your money if
we say it’s not?

And now everybody — including alert citizens watching from many other
countries — waits to see what the next moves are. Let’s also note that
it’s not just the truckers in revolt against insane government mandates;
it’s also at least half the population of Canada who stand behind the
truckers and against the new fashion for tyranny in what used to be
called the Free West. I’d venture to guess that the next move will be a
general strike that paralyzes Canada and forces its parliament to
overrule the Emergency Act and get rid of PM Trudeau.

Meanwhile, like a coronavirus itself, the trucker protest movement has
infected America. A “People’s Convoy” is assembling around Barstow,
California (the capital of the Mojave Desert, where there’s plenty of
room to assemble), with a launch date of February 23, next Wednesday,
destination: Washington DC. Won’t that be… interesting? What will the
government of “Joe Biden” do? Likewise invoke some sort of emergency
powers? Declare yet another “insurrection” as with January 6, 2021? Mess
with the truckers’ bank accounts, and those of the people who support
them? Do they want to inspire a run on US banks at a juncture where the
extreme fragility of the global banking system threatens to blow up
financial markets? Standing by on that.

The US government, like Canada’s, has likewise been at war with its
citizens. At least half the country has awakened to this unappetizing
reality — even while somewhat less than half the country still
catatonically follows whatever idiotic diktat the despotic bureaucracy
spews out. Why, for instance, do so many still go about in face masks
even where local regulations are lifted? (And especially in light of the
overwhelming evidence that masks don’t work?) Answer: to signify that
they are still against Trump, the evil leviathan said to be responsible
for all the woes and injustices in the world and who threatens their
”safety”— meaning, their status as oppressed victims of “white
supremacy,” including the guilty-and-penitent self-oppressed white
people of the Left themselves. Yeah, it’s just that simple because we
are in an epic episode of human social hysteria.

Except that the hysteria is dissipating for all except the most
psychotic or the most politically cornered due to their record of
perfidy and bad faith — the David Frums, Max Boots, and Rachel Maddows
of our world, the cable news outfits, the Democratic Party hierarchy,
the criminally psychopathic swine running the US public health agencies,
and the craven doctors who have fecklessly murdered patients at the
behest of Dr. Anthony Fauci & Company. Despite the sedulous efforts to
suppress the data (O, the sacred data!) about the failure of their
“vaccines,” the real news is getting out: the “vaccines” don’t prevent
transmission or infection of Covid-19, and they pose lethal side-effects
for the vaxxed. There it is, in plain English. And yet, “Joe Biden,”
putative president of the US, is still telling the country to “go out
and get vaccinated, get boosted” — ???

The companies who produced the “vaccines’ are even on the run. Pfizer
withdrew its application for an emergency use authorization in India,
where the public health agency insisted on seeing the safety records
Pfizer was obliged to furnish — and refused to. India is a big market
for pharmaceuticals, some 1.39 billion. Pfizer’s stock has crashed
nearly 10 percent the past two weeks. By the way, some of the states of
India are notable for having battled Covid-19 with the mass distribution
of early treatment kits containing cheap anti-virals such as ivermectin,
hydroxychloroquine, Vitamin D, etc. The program was famously successful
in reducing deaths there.

The CEO of Moderna, Stéphane Bancel, has sold off $400-million of his
own stock in the company and deleted his Twitter account on rumors that
all-causes deaths reported by US life insurance companies show a
shocking and mysterious rise in mortality that just may be attributed to
the “vaccines” causing strokes, heart attacks, cancer cases, and immune
system failures. (Moderna’s stock is also sinking.) Neither the
mainstream news media nor the US public health agencies are making any
effort to investigate this now well-documented occurrence.

We’re in the midst of a tremendous shift of public opinion. Winter is
not over but the truth is budding now in a thousand places. The people
are done kneeling docilly to be silenced and killed. They will not let
this country, and many other nations in the Western Civ club, be
destroyed without a fight. The unmasked are unmasking their masked
antagonists. Stand by, now, to find out who has been behind all this
deadly mischief. We will rip off their masks and the rule of law will be

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