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These misuses of the language are like fingernails dragging down the chalkboard.  But who is responsible?  A couple of years ago, our high school exchange student was asked where she was from.  She said “Germany”.  The student responded “isn’t that on the east coast?”  The same year our other girl was asked where she was from.  “Sweden”.  The girl rolled her eyes and said “here in the U.S. we pronounce that ‘Switzerland’”.  The fourth year we had students, the high school yearbook had a full two pages dedicated to the exchange students.  The article was more than embarrassingly loaded with grammatical errors, usage errors, etc.  the next year our Danish girl wrote the article.  She showed it to me before she turned it in - perfect.  Don’t expect too much, Dennis.  It simply isn’t there.

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Just an FYI. It is NOT "'savings" time. Savings are money you put into a
bank. It is Daylight Saving Time.

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> Sunday Night ahead.
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