[Rushtalk] Batteries are only a storage device! (They are eviroromentally a disaster)

Stephen Frye stephen.frye at outlook.com
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Yes, there is a finite supply of battery resources.  There is also a finite supply of oil.  Yes, the progressive left wants to remove our freedoms.  I think it was AOC who once quipped that rights should be what the government says they are.  Like it if not, the world is moving on.  I’m just not exactly sure where it’s going.

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Lets not forget that there are limited supplies of these materials so its impossible for everyone with a car to go green.
So then the masses will have to give up their liberty of individual cars and take public transit.  So being a public entity do you have freedom from search and seizure of the transit company loves the fascist police state and decides the unmasked and unvaccinated are none persons??  What if you carry a gun perhaps the company loves Hitler.  Perhaps this mass loss of freedom is the real goal so that only thei rich can have freedom including driving gasoline cars????

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