[Rushtalk] President Trump goes off on Biden STOTU

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                         Lefties want a complete end to western civilization. They want us back living in caves, using leaves to wipe ourselves with.......... 
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 On Tue, 2022-03-08 at 12:07 -0500, Dennis Putnam via Rushtalk wrote:
 The solution is very simple. Turn on the US oil spigots again and flood the world with oil. That will accomplish 4 things. It will create high paying jobs here, lower energy prices here and around the world, reduce European dependency on Russian oil (as it was when we were a net exporter of energy under Trump) and decimate Russia's economy so Putin will be unable to afford continuing a war with Ukraine.
 Unfortunately the extreme left controlling the Dems prefer advancing the idiotic "New Green Deal" over lives and a potential nuclear end to civilization. Which makes me think, is world wide radiation considered pollution?

Leftist idiots perhaps desire to end America so their communist ways can prevail.  I think however states with voter ID which voted Trump might not go along with the deal and break away and appoint Trump their first president and let the blue states go to hell or reconquer them at a later time..

As to your good sense proposition what is needed is Trump in the Whitehouse to get it done receeded by a blood letting in the midterm elections.  If we have veto proof majorities we could do it from congress.  

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