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Published: Mar 1, 2022
Author: James Howard Kunstler

Ukraine is a manageable localized problem in a distant part of the world
and Russia is going to manage it. The American crisis of confidence in
its own operating system is something else.

Did “Joe Biden’s” handlers actually want to start World War Three? They
are the same posse who contrived the Russian Collusion hysteria of
2016-19, then launched Covid-19 — and the even more deadly mass
“vaccination” response to it — and have now successfully goaded Russia
into cleaning up the international hub of grift and mischief known as
Ukraine. One thing established for sure as fact: the “Joe Biden” family
received plenty of cash off that grift wagon, and those “handlers” have
neatly ring-fenced it from official scrutiny. Where does that leave the
so-called president of the US in the current crisis?

The scant news coming out of Ukraine is so infected with propaganda that
it’s impossible to know exactly what’s going on there these early days
of the Russian invasion. Some interested parties say that Russia is
getting its ass kicked by a Ukrainian resistance. More temperate reports
suggest that Russian forces are proceeding methodically to capture and
neutralize Ukraine’s meager military assets. Apparently, Ukraine and
Russia are holding a diplomatic parlay today at the Belarus border. You
might style that as “peace talks,” but who knows? There are no real
functioning international news agencies anymore.

The current CIA-approved narrative wants you to believe that Vlad Putin
seeks to reassemble the old Soviet Union and will move next to capture
the Baltic States: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. I doubt this since all
those countries have their own cultures rather emphatically hostile to
Russia and required onerous operating subsidies from Moscow back in the
Soviet day. Ukraine will surely be enough of a burden for Russia going

An alternate narrative to the CIA’s scare story would follow the Occam’s
Razor rule that the simplest explanation is probably the truth — namely,
that there was no other way to stop Ukraine’s shelling and mortar
attacks against the ethnic Russian population in the Donbas which, by
the way, was carried out with US-gifted armaments. And there was no
other way to disabuse the USA from the idea that Ukraine should join
NATO and thereby become a missile launching base on Russia’s border.

Western Civ’s response so far is to cut off its nose to spite its face.
A sidebar to the CIA-approved narrative is that the West should
shut-down Russia’s export economy in response to their action in
Ukraine. Of course, the EU members know that they can’t take a pass on
Russian oil and natgas, unless they want to eat cold bratwurst and
linguini in the dark. But this reality hasn’t stopped the USA from
militating for that. Likewise, shutting Russia out of the SWIFT money
transfer system will only achieve chaos in global trade and
international banking — but chaos is what you get with “Joe Biden’s”
Party of Chaos running things.

These are the folks who worked tirelessly to drive America insane since
2016 and now they’re capping their “hat-trick” of mind-fuckery with the
specter of World War Three. Notice how neatly their engineered mass
formation psychosis segued from Trump/Russia to Covid-19 and now the
threat of going nuclear over Ukraine. My theory of the case would be as
follows: America’s Deep State provoked Russia in Ukraine to cover up its
own massive crimes against American citizens which now verge on being
fully exposed.

The timing on Ukraine couldn’t have been more seemingly fortuitous.
America — indeed the whole world — has awakened to the apparent reality
that mass vaccination is killing off a lot of people before their time.
The news is out, coming not from the public health bureaucracy but from
such unexpected sources as actuaries in the insurance industry who
collate quarterly death rates and morticians observing unusual morbid
oddities in the bodies they prepare for burial. This comes at the very
same time as reports that the CDC deliberately falsified Covid-19 death
and injury statistics, both for the disease itself and for the mRNA
“vaccines.” The FDA is also implicated in approving falsified “vaccine”
trial data. One result of all that is the crash of Moderna and Pfizer
stocks, as the geniuses on Wall Street suss out the mountain range of
litigation that looms in the distance.

But they must know — and hundreds of appointed and elected officials
must know — that the blowback from Covid-19 doesn’t stop with mere civil
lawsuits but extends to criminal cases of supreme consequence:
deliberate mass murder, extending to the highest levels of officialdom
in many countries. To this day the CDC and state health departments are
pushing “vaccines,” despite massive mounting evidence that the shots
cause organ damage and mess up immune systems at a rate, and to a
degree, astronomically above any previous vaccines. They must know that
the official standard-of-care using remdesivir and intubation was
overwhelmingly likely to kill hospital in-patients. They must know that
early treatment protocols using cheap off-label drugs were highly
effective and that banning early treatment — to maintain Emergency Use
Authorization for killer “vaccines” — amounted to mass homicide.

It will get harder and harder to ignore widespread untimely death going
forward as the “vaccines” work their vicious hoodoo on the boosted
population, and even the most obdurately spellbound “vaccine”
cheerleaders will have to endure such surges of cognitive dissonance
that heads are sure to explode. So, the Ukraine invasion was the best
means at hand to cover-up all that, and the longer the US government can
feed that monster, and keep it going, the more they can shift the focus
off the monumental frauds and homicides they carried out and will be
criminally liable for.

Secondarily to all that, of course, is the emerging picture of pervasive
corruption and crime among the three-letter agencies that special
counsel John Durham is getting ready to feed to the dumpster fire of
institutional failure that US politics has become. Ukraine is a
manageable localized problem in a distant part of the world and Russia
is going to manage it. The American crisis of confidence in its own
operating system is something else. 

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